Tuesday, April 10, 2018

$5000 in Assistance/Allowance now offered!!! Come check us out at 13014 Dutchtown Mill Drive.

Our sellers are now offering $5000 in closing assistance or update allowance with a full price offer on 13014 Dutchtown Mill Dr. in Old Dutchtown Subdivision. Old Dutchtown Subdivision feeds to Ascension's top rated schools.  Check it out here.   Dutchtown, as it's locally referred to, is one the area most desirable towns to live in regionally, primarily due to the school district and proximity to Baton Rouge and New Orleans.   Who do you know that would love to live here?  Call Cindy today for more information 225-571-8667

For more pics and information on 13040 Dutchtown Mill Drive click the image below.

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